213 Draper Road NW

Blacksburg, VA 24060

213 Draper Road NW

Blacksburg, VA 24060

213 Draper Road NW

Blacksburg, VA 24060


Offering Photo Processing and Passports


Professional retouching services


Selection of used film cameras


Thousands of used vinyl records


Handles all passport needs

Visit John’s Cameras & Records for Photos, Vinyl Records, and Camera Repair

These days, it seems like everyone takes photos with their smartphones and streams their music on that same device. But there is just something pure, simple, and beautiful about using a film camera and listening to a song on a vinyl record. And there are people who still find much enjoyment in both.

At John’s Cameras & Records in Blacksburg, VA, we get it. This is more than a business to us. We are passionate about film cameras and just as equally passionate about vinyl records. Here, our customers can choose from many types of cameras and from thousands of records in a wide variety of musical genres.

We also offer amazing photo processing services, including exceptional photo retouching and restoration and digital printing. Customers also come to us again and again for passport services, because we can handle any kind of passport need. We also handle studio resume portraits. 

Visit us when you need quality camera repair, too! As part of our commitment to our image-loving customers, we can help with camera repair issues you may have. We are here to support photographers of all ages, with equipment repair that spans the evolving spectrum of photography over the years. Whether you inherited an older box camera, thrifted a Polaroid, or problems with a digital camera, give us a call!

John’s Cameras & Records has served Blacksburg, VA; Christiansburg, VA; Radford, VA; and all of Montgomery County, VA, since 1976. We know cameras, we know photo processing, and we know music and vinyl records. Visit us today or call us at (540) 552-2319. You can also email us at [email protected], or contact us online.


Exceptional Photo Retouching and Photo Processing Services

At John’s Cameras & Records, we provide our cherished customers with expert photo processing services, including photo retouching, photo restoration, and digital printing. We do all our work in-house and can make a print fit into a locket or increase it to poster size. We also handle video transfers, and we take studio resume portraits by appointment. Whatever the photo processing or photo retouching need may be, we can do it.

We Have a Passion for Film Cameras

At John’s Cameras & Records, we are fervently enthusiastic about film cameras, and we love to serve the needs of like-minded customers. We have the largest selection of used film cameras in Southwestern Virginia, including brands such as:

… and much more!

We do not, however, just sell a camera and leave it at that; we make sure our customers know exactly how to use them when they buy them. And if a client wants something we do not have in-store, we can get it for them.

Our team also performs outstanding camera and lens repair, processes film, and sells photo supplies. Talk to our knowledgeable staff today to learn more or visit our shop to see what we have in stock.

Looking for Vinyl Records in the Blacksburg Area? Visit John’s!

Nothing sounds quite like vinyl, and John’s Cameras & Records in Blacksburg, VA, has a selection of thousands of used vinyl records from $2 and up. Our wide variety of musical genres includes: 

  • Classic Rock
  • Country & Western
  • Easy Listening
  • Jazz
  • Blues

… and so much more!

Our customers can also find used audio equipment in great condition at John’s, including used turntables, amps, and speakers.

We Can Handle Any Passport Need

We can also handle any passport need, and we mean any need. Some stores only handle United States passports. At John’s Cameras & Records, we handle them all, from United States Immigration and Naturalization Service passports and OPT passports to Canadian passports and Chinese passports. We pride ourselves in quickly helping our customers from Blacksburg, VA; Christiansburg, VA; Radford, VA; and all of Montgomery County, VA, too; just 10 minutes, and they are done.

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